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  • Projects: Artist Residency in Alaska
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    Alaska 2012

    In August 2012 I spent 10 days in Alaska: in Sitka and as Artist-In-Residence with Voices of the Wilderness program (U.S. Forest Service) in South Baranof Wilderness Area. I sketched on every step of this journey and most of the images can be found in this album.

    Below you will find links to several blog posts which describe my challenges, tools and notes on the trip - each will open in a new window:

  • Sitka: Part 1
  • Sitka: Part 2
  • South Baranof Wilderness - Sketching from a Moving Sea Kayak

  • South Baranof Wilderness - Sketching on Land
  • Bits and Pieces

    And here is a video my co-resident Kaylyn Messer made:


    As a result of my residency I donated: “Wilderness in a Sketchbook” a 24” x 36” acrylic print of collaged sketches and post-trip artwork.
  • alaska